Puppies prague ratters – litter “N1″

7 weeks old, all pups free from defects :-)

17.9.2016born  4 lovely puppies . Three pups in lilac color! this is very rare , we are happy  :-)

Natálka – female, lilac and tan, born at 7:44 with weight 152g

Neználek – male, lilac and tan, born at 8:33 with weight 174g

Nebojsa – male, black and tan , born at  9:04 with weight 172g

Nastěnka – female , lilac and tan, born at 10:46 with weight 172g

16.8. confirmed 4 puppies!!

18.7.201 cover our lovely blue girl  Capriciosso Osmy Svetadiel with our super boy  Torpedo Secure Power